Our Principles

People are going to know who’s responsible. And they’re going to get the news – the true news – quickly and simply and entertainingly.  And no special interests will be allowed to interfere with the truth of that news. – Charles Foster Kane, Citizen Kane, 1941

Lens of Historynoun phrase.  The view of a historical wargame as the point of departure for an alternate history.

  • History First: Every game will be examined with history in mind before all other considerations.   We are Lens of History, not Lens of Fiction.
  • Purpose-Built Valued: Games that enable historicity are more likely to be built from the ground up to achieve that purpose.  One size or system doesn’t fit all.
  • Immersive Enjoyment: Game historicity and detail should contribute to player immersion, enhancing entertainment.  If the game is a time machine, people have fun.
  • Inspiration before Perspiration: We will work on content we are inspired to labor upon.  We want to have fun at Lens of History!
  • No Favorites: We value friendships and relationships, but objectivity in opinion and commentary are essential to integrity.  They’re just reviews, after all.

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