The 5 Best “Great War” Rifles

wwi rifles 1       During World War Two General George S. Patton said the M1 Garand was “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”  Few dispute this claim.  But what about World War One?  Which rifle was the best of The Great War? Criteria This is basically a disclaimer!  This is not a scientific or professional analysis […] Continue reading →

Winston Churchill: History’s Lion

churchill Fifty years ago the great wartime leader, Winston Churchill, passed away at the age of 90.  Far from the perfect, Churchill will go down in history as a great leader–a Lion of History. He had his flaws.  Churchill was egotistical, at time overconfident, and prone to meddlesomeness in matters he would be better served staying […] Continue reading →

The Great War, 1916: The Trenches get Deeper

1916 1 By February 1916 the war was 18 months old.  Nations suffered, their will taxed to the limits in terms of men, material, and morale.  In that month Great Britain instituted a conscription law–the draft.  Other countries soon followed.  Instead of negotiating a peace such laws and new business and resource management techniques allowed the carnage to continue. Two […] Continue reading →

Trenches and Total War–Lesson Plan

1915 lesson 1    This lesson focuses on two important Great War themes that develop in 1915.  The first being the dominance of “trench warfare” as the form of war on the battlefield, and “total war” as the dominant method of prosecuting that war.   Trench Warfare Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trench warfare as “warfare in which the opposing forces […] Continue reading →

The Great War Begins–Lesson Plan

1914 lesson 1   This is part two in a series of information posts and lessons about The Great War (aka. World War One). The Language of War Literacy experts, especially those advocating the “close reading” strategy, stress vocabulary development, especially “academic language” in the various disciplines.  While I balk at the “every teacher is a reading teacher” […] Continue reading →

Dorie Miller

dorie 3 (War propaganda pin with Miller’s image.) I have never run a blog twice but in remembrance of December 7th, I pulled this one out of the archive.  I hope you enjoy it. Scene: Rob’s in his backyard grillin’ some ribs and corn (on the cob of course) with an ice chest full of drinks.  He […] Continue reading →