Two Young Lions, Defiant

lions 1 Upon a scarred hill the two young lions stood,      Manes blowing to and fro like a commander’s banner of long ago. Defiantly they moved, strutting about in self-absorbed magnificence.      Captains of war against a determined, vicious foe. A conflict within a conflict, they fought a prima Donna battle.      Their troops looking upon […] Continue reading →

A Glass of a Wine on a Rainy Afternoon

There’s an interesting story about the great Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall. Supposedly, Marshall would occasionally suggest to the court that they enjoy a glass of Madeira on rainy afternoons when the rigors of deciding cases before them grew wearisome. He would say something like, “A glass of wine would be good […] Continue reading →

Why I Love Generalizations

generalizations 1 They are not exciting, extravagant, or sexy.  Many sneer when they are uttered.  Others dismiss them as irrelevant.  Am I talking about Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or John Boehner?  NOPE.  I’m talking about generalizations!  (BTW, I don’t agree with Mr. Clemens.) People Love Exceptions! Exceptions are everything that generalizations are not.  Exceptions are unique, bigger-than-life, […] Continue reading →

Mr. D’s Class Debates Reconstruction

reconstruction 1 The ten year period after the Civil War is often called the Era of Reconstruction.  The reconstruction policies implemented by Congress did not reflect the wishes of the recently deceased president, Abraham Lincoln, who advocated a “with malice toward none” approach to the South as expressed in his Second Inaugural address.  Historians have debated for over a […] Continue reading →

History has Meaning

history matters 1 There is plenty of truth behind the old saying that history is written by the victors and the powerful. Unfortunately, that truth causes far too many people to simply dismiss history as slanted or biased. A recent article by Jonah Goldberg, entitled Words Matter, about language and the fact that words are losing any clear […] Continue reading →

Daily Life of a Yeoman Farmer

yeoman 1   The yeoman farmer was the backbone of society of colonial and early America. Rich merchants and plantation owners often get more coverage in history textbooks but the yeoman farmer easily outnumbered both of those groups. Yeomen owned small farms often worked solely by family members.   Daily Life Yeomen Farmer   Bradford Alexander swung […] Continue reading →