The Daily Life of an Iroquois Native

iroquois 3 Today, “Life through the Lens of History” begins an experiment of sorts.  This is the first in a series of posts that looks at the daily life of average people in American History through the medium of historical fiction.  The stories may be simplistic, but they are based on history.   Daily Life Iroquois Native […] Continue reading →

Stamp Act Resolutions: The 3Cs Approach

stamp act 3 Last week “Life through the Lens of History” presented a method of analyzing primary sources called the 3C method. The post was very popular, so as promised, this follow-up demonstrates how the method works. The 3C approach is flexible and adapts to elementary, secondary, and collegiate classrooms.   A Quick Review The 3C method is a system […] Continue reading →

Nativism: Anti-Immigrant Behavior in U.S. History

nativism 1 When crisis situations arise, such as the border chaos going on right now in Texas and Arizona, Americans think it’s new, unique, and unprecedented. BULLSH$@! As pundits, politicians, and people debate our broken immigration system, an understanding of immigration history and the role of nativism is vital. Colonies and Constitution America is full of immigrants. […] Continue reading →

Top 3 Presidential Pastimes

wpid-Photo-20140710193902.jpg President Obama has caught a lot of flack for his golfing. It must suck in many ways to be under such scrutiny all the time. I mean heck, every President deserves some “chill” time. Of all the interests, hobbies, athletic activities, and things chief executives do to relieve the stress of office, there are three […] Continue reading →

On Vacation!

image Posts will be sporadic over the next two weeks.  This week I am in beautiful San Diego for the “AP by the Sea” workshops.  I am teaching that course next year and, according to my district, I need some education (Ha!). The following week I will be in Lake Havasu, Arizona (Yes, I know, it […] Continue reading →

Operation Torch Revisited

east 2 Over the past two weeks Life through the Lens of History looked at Operation Torch.  Hopefully, it was an informative and enjoyable series.  On comment sites like Google+ and LinkedIn, there was a lot of discussion about the series and particularly whether Operation Torch and liberating North Africa was necessary.   Life through the Lens of […] Continue reading →