The Great War Begins–Lesson Plan

1914 lesson 1   This is part two in a series of information posts and lessons about The Great War (aka. World War One). The Language of War Literacy experts, especially those advocating the “close reading” strategy, stress vocabulary development, especially “academic language” in the various disciplines.  While I balk at the “every teacher is a reading teacher” […] Continue reading →

Dorie Miller

dorie 3 (War propaganda pin with Miller’s image.) I have never run a blog twice but in remembrance of December 7th, I pulled this one out of the archive.  I hope you enjoy it. Scene: Rob’s in his backyard grillin’ some ribs and corn (on the cob of course) with an ice chest full of drinks.  He […] Continue reading →

The Great War, 1914: Into the Quagmire

1914 8 When war became imminent in the summer of 1914 the people of Europe embraced the notion, many joyfully.  Many believed it would be a short war and soldiers would be home by Christmas.  Only the most observant experts knew otherwise.  Technology, professionalized army staffs, and contingency plans following strict timetables created an atmosphere of catastrophe.  The diplomats […] Continue reading →

The Ism’s (The Great War Series, Pt.1)

First World War The causes leading to The Great War are full of “ism’s.”  Industrialism, imperialism, nationalism, and militarism are commonly accepted societal and global movements that increased tensions in Europe leading to mobilization and war in the summer of 1914. Industrialism Most of Europe was experiencing some form of the industrial revolution by the late Nineteenth Century.  […] Continue reading →

The Great War–LofH Special

holiday The holidays are death to a blogger.  “Views” and “hits” go down as people travel, enjoy family time, and Black Friday shop for over a month.  But some not once said something about perseverance bearing fruit, so “Life through the Lens of History” (LofH) is going to do a special series about World War One…The […] Continue reading →

Political Mudslinging–An American Tradition

politics 1 My Facebook friends crack me up sometimes.  Around election time there are all these comments about how ugly politics and campaigning is today.  Today!  People, political backstabbing, mudslinging, name-calling, etc. is as American Tradition. Then… If fringe political groups today are nutty, those of two hundred and fifty years ago were deadly.  Tar and Feathering!  […] Continue reading →

The Republicans Won the Midterms–So What!

election 2014 1 The media and pundits are blowing the Republican victory Tu way out of proportion.  Why is anyone surprised?!  History teaches that the midterms are horrible for the party controlling the executive branch.  It’s common sense. Ok, Republican followers–Don’t have a conniption! No one could be personally happier at the defeat of progressivism as me.  After […] Continue reading →

Two Young Lions, Defiant

lions 1 Upon a scarred hill the two young lions stood,      Manes blowing to and fro like a commander’s banner of long ago. Defiantly they moved, strutting about in self-absorbed magnificence.      Captains of war against a determined, vicious foe. A conflict within a conflict, they fought a prima Donna battle.      Their troops looking upon […] Continue reading →