The Problem of Presentism

presentism 1 LofH encourages people to understand and use history when discussing current events and important issues of the day.  One huge problem results for this: PRESENTISM! The key-master of all things wordy, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, defines presentism as: “an attitude toward the past dominated by present-day attitudes and experiences.”   What does that mean? When historians, students, […] Continue reading →

Homerun Record is Broken

hank 3 On this day in 1974, Hank Louis Aaron Jr., broke Babe Ruth’s long-standing home run record. Entering the Major League’s eight years after Jackie Robinson broke the color-barrier, Aaron played for the Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves, and the Milwaukee Brewers.  Known as a home run slugger, Aaron was in fact a dependable batter and contributed significantly to […] Continue reading →

The Patton Sword

sword 1 Few military commanders are misunderstood, mischaracterized, and mistreated more than General George S. Patton. The fact that he is also mythologized, memorialized, and idolized compounds the problem. The result–few people really know who the man was.   One of the biggest misconceptions about Patton is that he was not very bright. He was a demanding […] Continue reading →

A Mess of Ashes: The Triangle Fire

triangle 2 104 years ago today the Triangle Shirtwaist factory caught fire and ignited a unified call for change. “It was just a mess of ashes…” This is how one reporter for the New York Times described a body found in the aftermath of one of the worst industrial accidents in American history.  By the end of the day, […] Continue reading →

Reverence for Richard III

Britain Richard III As reported in LofH here and here, the remains of Richard III uncovered three years ago were thoroughly examined and tested.  Now, the last Plantagenet king has been formally interred at Leicestershire Cathedral. Located about 30 miles south of Nottingham (Robin Hood fame) near the Battle of Bosworth Field site, the ceremony surrounding the reburial of Richard […] Continue reading →

Birthdays as History

bday 1   I recently turned 49.  Not a major milestone but it got me thinking about birthdays and history.  Birthdays are like mile markers of life or the segments on a timeline.  Sometimes empty but sometimes full of events.  Borrowing from Cicero, birthdays are reminders of the past and they “bring us tidings of antiquity.” Anniversaries […] Continue reading →

Conservatism, Tolkien, and Middle Earth

tolkien 1 Life through the Lens of History is well aware it offers a more traditional, dare we say conservative, approach to history.  That said, a recent book, The Hobbit Party, analyzes J.R.R. Tolkien’s political, social, and economic beliefs as expressed in his classical works The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit Party was co-written by […] Continue reading →

The Great War, 1918: End of the Nightmare

1918 10 Four years of total war took its toll by 1918.  Except for the American Expeditionary Force, The Great War combatants were exhausted.  As a result on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice took effect that ended the carnage. Germany tries to snatch Victory form Defeat From March through June of […] Continue reading →